Creating strong alliances to benefit our clients.

Qualibre Inc. officially commenced operations in July 2007, however its genesis began a decade before. Charles Lo Bello launched Proost International's North American division in 1997. Proost, a Belgian printing firm, had specialized primarily in four-color, thin-cased book manufacturing. The company stopped trading a few years back and the Qualibre team has since entered into alliances with plants in China, Hong Kong, and North America. 

The concept of offering a printing alliance and link production between North America and the Far East gave them clients more options to manufacture their products. Since 2007, Qualibre has continued to work exclusively with Print Plus Limited China and Hong Kong, which offers cost-effective specialty print services. This partnership was created to service North American, European, South African and Australian clients in order for them to have access to economical and high-quality product options. This solid relationship has continued to flourish and offer a formidable and stable supply base for clients such as National Geographic, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Firefly Books and many others.

In July 2007 Qualibre joined Design Source East (DSE) to launch its book packaging division to further serve the publishing community.
DSE is an integrated design, marketing and branding agency employing designers, editorial staff, and sales team. The book packaging division is currently working with prominent publishers like Sweetwater Press, Indigo Books and others.

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