Printplus China and Hong Kong Facilities

Print Plus China, a wholly owned subsidy of the Prosperous Printing Group, is the export of this intermediate sized, book printer that offers clients a vast array of printed books, puzzles, games, box kits, packaged projects and much more. As our clients demand high-quality production coupled with on time performance within budget, the Print Plus team is ready for every step of the way out of the Hong Kong Office. The team of  Qualibre and Print Plus has been successfully collaborating for over 15 years, offering clients the peace of mind to place the most complex print jobs in our hands.  

Here are some of the intangibles we offer:

  • Communication – Our  customer service staff in Hong Kong consists of 10 seasoned and experienced  representatives understanding each job with consistency and self-ownership. The client’s print job will be coordinated effectively with the manufacturing site located in Guangdong China. Each staff member speaks and writes English making the communication seamless.

  • Speed to Market – It's easy to talk about quick turnaround, but another is to deliver, especially during the peak summer months. Print Plus prides itself as one of the fastest printers to bring product to market being highly sensitive to export sales. A few examples of how we shorten our lead times would be:

  • Paper Stocking /Paper Sheeting – The plant carries top-quality coated papers including China Gold East which offers clients flexibility on bind up. Roll "sheeters" cut paper to size when necessary.

  • Perfecting Press Productivity – 21 printing Komori presses including four eight-color perfecting presses. What's the advantage? These presses deliver a high-quality product with one pass/two sided printing at a super high speeds (12,000-16,000 sheets per hour). This results in minimal paper waste and is fully integrated with our CTP prepress department for a seamless workflow.


As a publisher, now more than ever, you require the ability to call a FINAL print quality later in the process. You cannot afford excess inventory and Print Plus gives you the ability to control waste, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

  • Print Quality – All of our Komori printing presses are constantly maintained including having on site maintenance to service the equipment.

  • Four eight-color perfecting presses

  • Four five-color printing presses

  • 10 four-color printing press

  • Three two-color printing presses

  • Binding – Print Plus offers a multitude of binding styles for your books’ requirement

  • All book making, trimming, gathering, folding, sewing, finishing is done in-house. – The plant offers Wire-O, Smythe sewing, perfect binding, saddle stitching and more.

  • The result? Fewer production bottlenecks getting your books faster to market.

  • Hand Work – The plant facilitates 2,000 employees where a good portion of the workers offer hand-working assembly regarding book plus product and sourcing. Recently, we acquired a financial interest in a plant dedicated to handwork in the Sichuan Province of China. This plant can facilitate complex pop-up books including the base line engineering requirements.

  • Hong Kong Production – The Great Wall Printing Company is also part Prosperous Group offering the clients the ability to print sensitive materials that cannot print in our Mainland China plant. Topics including maps of Taiwan, sexual content, and some religious topics would print at the HK plant which has a full print and binding area in the Chai Wan office. The plant is located in the same offices as the Print Plus Customer Service Group offering clients to ability to have someone watching their jobs in the HK office as need be.

Compliance, Accreditations, and Environmental Factors

Print Plus prides itself on being a leader in compliance regarding:

  • Social Compliance – Print Plus has a formal contract with each employee that is a testimonial to abiding by all local laws in relation to employee respect. Qualibre can provide you with a copy of this contract.

  • Accreditations – ICTI for the Toy Industry compliance, member of PRELIMS/ International organization to promote fair working conditions, health and safety issues, adequate remuneration, working hours, and the prohibition of the use of child or forced labor. The company also has passed numerous audits by several leading edge publishers and Fortune 500 companies.

  • ISO Certification

  • FSC – Print Plus used papers from forests that are properly managed and replenished. The company prides itself in working closely with paper merchants and mills to make sure the environment is closely guarded in this area.

  • Soy Inks – The Company uses Soy inks to avoid any potential problems with ink removal.

  • Laminates, Wire-O Steel etc. – Have all passed rigorous FDA and US FDA approval to insure all components used do not have toxicity or lead concerns.